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  • 21st Century Cures Act - What to Expect

    Quicker and broader access to your medical record and provider notes is here. As part of this initiative, you now get your lab and imaging reports at the same time as your provider. What does this mean?

    The introduction of the 21st Century CURES Act made most patient health information, with few exceptions, available instantaneously to the patient via their MyChart portal. This federal law includes two important exceptions to the availability of information as it relates to adolescent patients: the “Preventing Harm Exception” and the “Privacy Exception.” Both of these exceptions are intended to allow for medical information confidentiality and segregation within your Child’s MyChart for certain medical services in circumstances which state law allows minors to give individual consent to such services.

    Oklahoma Statute §63-2602. Right of self-consent under certain conditions - Doctor patient privileges (page 1145), provides a list of certain situations and/or medical services in which minors are allowed to give individual consent. Further, healthcare providers are instructed to use their professional judgment as to notification of such services to the parent or guardian.

    The introduction of access controls for your teen’s MyChart allows us to comply with the above referenced State and Federal Law requirements in addition to best practices for standard of care.

    For more information, please reach out to your teen’s healthcare provider.

    MyChart Changes Coming August 11th

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    • For full access to MyChart features on the MyChart Mobile App, please make sure your app is on 9.7 or later.

    • Video tutorials are now available in MyChart. Be sure to watch the short educational video on the new layout of Message Center. Here’s a Tip Sheet to reference as well.


    Please call your provider’s office to request a MyChart activation email. Make sure they have your correct email address on file. Once you receive the email, click the link to finish setting up your account.

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